Day #3: Your favorite heroine

My favorite heroine would have to be Mulan. She isn’t really considered one of the Disney princesses, but she is most certainly a heroine in my eyes. I always admired her ability to follow her heart and do what she thought was right. Love Mulan. <3


OH I HAVE to write down this dream I had last night. So this dream was one I had before, and I knew that in my dream. And therefore controlled the outcome of the dream. Cool huh? So in the first dream I am part of a group of scientists who fly in a spaceship to this completely blacked out unknown planet. We land and take out our laterns, for there is absolutely no light. We were suddenly surrounded by these spider-robot aliens with big glowing red eyes staring at us. There were hundreds of them, surrounding us. We all started to examine them, and for a while, they did nothing. Then they attacked. They killed a couple of the scientists before we could escape to our spaceship. Then we were trapped  inside for a few days, and we decided to hold a rock concert. (don’t ask) So just as the guitarist plugs in the speakers into the electric plug and strums one chord, the whole spaceship loses power. Then the aliens start finding their way in, killing the rest of us but three (including me) who manage to escape in a pod back to earth. That was the first dream. In the second dream, I knew what was going to happen, so I stopped the guitarist from causing a loss of power in the spaceship, and we all safely make it back to earth. Weird huh? It was a creepy dream.

Day #2: Your favorite princess

Hands down, my favorite princess was and will always be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She and I share such similar traits and personalities, so I could relate to her best. And I loved to sing along to all the songs in the movie. She was my idol for the longest time, until Taylor Swift came around. <3


Awww I am so sad!!! KARTIK D: WHYYYYY LIBBA BRAY WHYY????? :( Everytime, EVERY SINGLE TIME I read the end of The Sweet Far Thing, I cry. Kartik was so amazing and handsome and extraordinary, and you just HAD to turn him into a tree, didn’t you Libba Bray? UGH. Why could Gemma and Kartik be together forever? Why did it have to end that way????? WHHHYYYYY… :((((( I want a Kartik in my life. I am just devestated about how it ended for him. Maybe Libba Bray will write a story about Kartik being saved by Gemma! :DDDD YA! ……. That will probably not ever happen….. Oh booo. I’m so sad now. KARTIK IS GOOOOONNNEEE :( Forever. Poor Gemma. I would be beyond devestated if I were her. UGH. I hate books like these, but then I love them to death. Libba Bray is an amazing writer. Both The Sweet Far Thing and Going Bovine made me cry and laugh and imagine and feel, which makes Libba Bray a most exceptional writer. I cannot wait to read more of her stuff. :) She is easily one of my most favoritest authors ever. EVER. That is all.


Heart full of emotion

head just short of explosion

my mind is overwhelmed with commotion

and the frustration is set in motion

overtaking all other senses

it doesn’t hesitate to overtake

this bewilderment is so intense

I can’t find any beginnings or ends

All I know is the confusion it lends

The circle of emotions that forever bends

An endless cycle, an endless coaster

would feeling nothing at all feel better than this?

Waaaaaa. I love poetry. You can really write how you feel. Yep. As I am feeling what I just posted. Now its dinner. That is all.

Day #1: Your favorite character

Mmmmmm…. I adore Tigger. Always have, always will. <3 He has a special place in my heart ^^ I had a huge stuffed one when I was little that I would always cuddle with. Love him!


Tooooday was a pretty good day. It got off to a bad start but got better. :) Found this quote that I absolutely adore.

"If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is… even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you." ~Christopher Robin <3

Lovely. I’ve been reading The Sweet Far Thing, dang that book. I just can’t put it down. Its so extraordinary, with all the adventure and creeping suspense. And Kartik of course. <3 Love love love it! And I love Taylor Swift’s new song that she sang at the VMAs. Loved it. Amazing performance. Amazing performer. It was just perfect. Yeahh. I should be doing homework now. I think I’ll start at 6. And I’m hungry. And chewing gum. And my jaw is starting to hurt from chewing it. :/ Ah, oh well.  That is all.

<3 Marisa


Dear TTOM,

You suck. Really. I hate you. I loathe you. I would be so much better off without you. Any woman would be better off without you. All you do is bring me discomfort and hate for you, so why don’t you just go away? Or come quietly and then leave quietly? Why do you always have to cause such a fuss all the time? Especially for me? You make my life miserable, you little *insert favorite cuss word here*. So I hate you. And I can’t wait til you go away. If I could, I would yell at you. ARG YOU SUCK. You bring me a load of things I don’t want to deal with. @$##@$%!&*%. I am done with my rant now. I just wanted to let you know I hated you. That is all.

Your forever enemy, Marisa

I wish

I had a Kartik in my life.


I am sick. How do you get a cold in the summer? >< I feel so awful right now :/ Ughhh. I wish I could just magic my headache and cold away. But nope, you gotta just deal with it. D: Boo.